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Welcome to the
Stutsman County
Soil Conservation District

Our Mission Statement:
"To take available technical, financial, and educational resources,
whatever their source, and focus or coordinate them
so that they meet the needs of the local land user
for conservation of soil, water, and related resources."

Neva Family Honored at NDASCD State Convention

Randy, Jim and Tim Neva with sons Zach and Connor



Stutsman County Beginnings...

At the June primary election in 1948 Stutsman County farmers voted overwhelmingly to approve the creation of a Soil Conservation District.   As a result of this vote, the Stutsman County Soil Conservation District received a charter from the State of North Dakota on August 21, 1948.  The first meeting to organize as a District in Stutsman County was held December 9, 1948.  The Soil Conservation District was organized to give cooperators, on the farm, technical and educational assistance on soil and water conservation problems.

About Soil Conservation Districts

A Soil Conservation District is a local unit of government organized under
authority of the North Dakota Soil Conservation District Law.  

  • A soil conservation district has established boundaries, usually along county lines, that have the authority to conduct surveys, investigations and research relating to soil erosion and the prevention and control measures needed. They may conduct demonstrations by which soil blowing and soil washing may be prevented and controlled.
  • Soil conservation districts may make available to land occupiers within the district agricultural and engineering machinery and equipment, seeds and seedlings or other equipment for the prevention and control of soil erosion. They may cooperate and enter agreements with other units of government at the local, state and federal level to assist the district in providing for the conservation of the soil and soil resources of the district.
  • Soil conservation districts have comprehensive plans for the conservation of soil resources and the control and prevention of soil erosion within the district. They may carry out education, promotion and recognition activities within their district.
  • A soil conservation district is governed by a board of three elected soil conservation district supervisors elected at the time of the General Election, who shall serve for a six-year term.  A soil conservation district, upon resolution of the three elected supervisors, may appoint two additional supervisors who shall serve for a term of one year.
  • The supervisors of North Dakota Soil Conservation Districts have the authority to levy a tax, not exceeding one mil, for the payment of the expenses of the district.

The District is an important asset to the County
because it provides many valuable services:

Trees:  The most visible function of the District is to protect our county’s landscape by assisting with the purchasing of and planting trees to protect roads, cropland, farmsteads, water bodies, and some urban areas.  The District offers this unique service at a low cost.  They help find cost-share dollars so that anybody who wants trees can get them, regardless of their financial situation.  Our District also offers various implement services for producers to further conservation on their land including a Land Aerator, Manure Composter, White Corn Planter/ Interseeder and a Truax 15’ No-Till Grass and Grain Drill.  

Education:  Every year the 6th graders in Stutsman County attend an Eco Education Tour.  The kids love the hands-on tours where they learn intensively about soils, water quality, wildlife, plants, and other natural resource science.  The District also sponsors Stewardship Week for our county churches and the Keep ND Clean Poster Contest. The SCD also is offering on the land education with the Crop Plot and Salinity Plot Demonstration Projects near Buchanan.

Soil Conservation, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat Improvement Practices. The Soil Conservation District encourages and assists all producers to conserve their natural resources.  Working in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Pheasants Forever, services are provided throughout the county.  The Beaver Creek / Seven Mile Coulee Watershed Program also partners with the district in watershed areas that are under the 319 program.


You can still get your 2013 tree order in!  Call the office!

Visit the links to the left to find out information about the services we offer and the projects going on.

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View our Wildflower Brochure:

"North Dakota Wildflowers and their Medicinal Uses"

by NRCS Soil Conservation Technician
Sheryl Smith

click on link to view pdf

Wildflower Brochure.pdf